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How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation Design?

How To Make A Good PowerPoint Presentation Design

There would have been a lot of time when you might have sat through boring and poorly designed PowerPoint presentations that, were cluttered, and distracting. When it comes to how to make a good PowerPoint presentation design for ourselves then also we make the same mistake. But there is no need to worry as you don’t have to be a professional designer to make an awesome and attractive presentation.

Here we have shared a few simple tips and rules on how to make a good PowerPoint presentation design:

The layout should be used to your advantage: Layout effectively controls the flow and the visual hierarchy of information.

Guide your audience by doing simple yet compelling tweaks to the layout. Like you can use the text size and alternating fonts or colors for distinguishing the headlines from the body text. Structuring and placement matter, too. 

Avoid using complete sentences: As the speaker, you should be delivering most of the content and, not putting it all on the slides for reading. Your message will lose its effectiveness if your audience is reading your presentation instead of listening to it.

Only put down your core message and use keywords to convey it. Unless you’re quoting someone or something you should try to avoid using complete sentences.

Use simple colors: It is best to use all simple light and dark colors as exceptionally bright text cause eye fatigue. It is best that you use these bright colors quite sparingly. Using dark text on a light background or using light text on a dark background will work quite well. 

Sans-Serif fonts work perfectly: Serif fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, Bookman works the best for printed pages, and sans-serif fonts like Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana are works best for reading on screens. These are always safe choices.

It is recommended to stick with only one font or choosing any two at the most. Make sure your font matches the purpose, tone, and content of your presentation as they have very different personalities and emotional impacts.

Avoid text over-styling: The easiest ways to draw attention to text are through:

  • bold
  • italics
  • color change

Things that stand out, our eyes naturally start to get drawn towards them, but it is recommended to use these changes sparingly. If you over style then you can make your slide look busy and distracting.

Choose the correct images: The pictures in your presentation are perhaps as important as the message. Images should not only support the message but should elevate it at the same time. But what actually is the correct image? There’s no direct answer to this, subject, but what works here is your heart. Try to use images that compliment your message or in a way explains your message in a much better way.

Thus, coming to the end these tips on how to make a good PowerPoint presentation design will definitely help you in crafting your next presentation. Don’t forget to share with us how these tips helped you out in designing your presentation.

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