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How to Design a Poster Presentation?


Posters are an important method of communicating scientific information. There is a difference between published papers and oral presentations. During poster presentations, there is an opportunity to convey the findings while interacting with colleagues in a relaxed environment. This article will provide some useful tips on how to design a poster presentation:


It is important to plan your poster. Time is needed for determining the layout, writing the text, adding graphics, getting peer review, and editing. Try to use visual grammar as it will make it look effective. Don’t use too many fonts, font sizes, or colors as it will distract your viewers. Include graphical elements to help illustrate key points of your poster like charts, tables, figures, or photographs and keep them as simple as possible.

Use only the most essential information to select the content for your poster, from your wealth of knowledge on the particular topic. Convey the key points about your topic and clearly and succinctly show its importance. Less is usually more in this kind of situation. One of the most difficult aspects of the poster development process is limiting the information. It is important that the audience is able to view and process the information within minutes. Then it should also be kept in mind to keep that your messages are simple and memorable. Ensure to give any references and acknowledgments wherever applicable.

Check with your colleagues as many organizations offer graphic designers and/or templates for posters so check with your colleagues, public relations, or professional development departments. To assist in preparing exciting and informative posters many websites also offer templates. 


It’s time to showcase your poster once it is prepared. It’s best to be ready with several versions of your remarks beforehand. Figure out what questions can be asked and the way you will answer them. It would also be best if you are ready to summarize the main points and conclusions in just 2-3 sentences.

Practice is the key to delivering a successful poster presentation so practice communicating your main messages effectively and concisely. To engage with your viewers it is essential to think on your feet and use your social skills. 


At nursing conventions, posters presentations are used increasingly as a method for disseminating case presentations, research findings, and new ideas to colleagues. Impactful communication tools are those posters that are simple, direct, and concise.

The key on how to design a poster presentation is meticulous planning and preparation. It is a good way to network with colleagues and share your knowledge. All the best with your poster! 

Don’t forget to share with us in the comment section down below that how this knowledge shared here helped you on how to design a poster presentation. All the best with your poster! 

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